Saturday, 2 June 2012

Recommendation to the Survivals


His Excellency, president and commander in chief of the federal Republic of Nigeria. He is a man who agrees that all national, states and local government affairs should be examined within the context of excellence. He does not criticize one who have an unstoppable achievement for excellence and what he does not criticize, he sincerely examines.
Excellence to him is a matter of profound human importance, precisely because it is empirically founded and experiential applied. You have achieved a place for yourself in the palace of history and you have my respects.


I knew of few leaders who by character, service and contributions lived in the class and capacity of the rhapsody of excellence like Barack Hussein Obama in the entire world. One that has inspired men,women, youths and children with greater admiration and respect like he did. May i humbly submit that he is an exceptionally clear, well-balanced brain, an infinite capacity for work, unbounded charm of personality, but above all, an unflinching straightness of character.
I owe him an infinite respect for all i have learned from him.


The joy of graduation is the fact that our youths attained a long lasting transformation from bad to best , in character, learning and practice.
Good-day graduands and invited guest , today will mark the end of your infancy, the end of your childhood,the end of your beginning, as new graduates you look forward with hope to becoming a champion for the best of change in the future before the future becomes the past. Then at one point of your life you begin thinking about the past in the future, for the best of changes you made.I knew when i was a child, i never gave it much thought, i mist those days. You must not miss your days of becoming a champion of the best of change in history, in character, learning and practice.
Champions are a rare breed . They step forward while others pray for volunteers.They see beyond the dangers, the risks, the obstacles and hardships.
I count on your championship commitment for the best of change.


One of the justification for the massive growth of the American millionaires is their commitment to promote a fair and just cause of business , free market and philanthropy.
The difference and uniqueness of the American millionaires is found in their ability to re-circle loses and waste into profit making ventures.
Their all time and most important success formula is knowing how to get along with people and planting in them the seeds of greatness, that is begotten of a conscious preparation.
Above all, their resiliency and tenacity in leadership is forged during tough assignments on the field of challenges, to score the goal of excellence and break the past records of history.
I count on your just fairness and understanding. This is your finest day because it offers new hope and a new beginning, no matter how bad or good things may have been. They can be better, because excellence is possible.


His Excellency, Ban ki moon, a guardian of public morality and a good user of power .
His leadership invest in people, especially where the developing world's poor lives.
population living on less than one dollar a day. Daring to do what is right by encouraging individual nations to achieve wealth by hard-work, pleasure by conscience, knowledge by good character, commerce by morality, science by humanity, worship by sacrifice, politics by upright principles and above all rights by responsibilities.
His leadership examines such things as political witch-hunt, racial discrimination and religious bias leadership.
He is a seasoned elder-statesman, i both love and respect him.


 His excellency Nelson Mandela is a man of commitment and dedication to a just purpose both in government and private life,as it cost him 27years to transform oppression into freedom, mistakes into miracles and disappointments into testimonies .He beliefs that if the policy of government and the language of a people is not correct, then what is planned and said is not what is meant, if what is planned and said is not what is meant, then what ought to be done remains undone, if this remains undone, morals and arts deteriorate. if morals and arts deteriorate, justice goes astray, if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Therefore, there must not be arbitrariness in policy and what is said . This matters above everything. You are  the greatest black man that ever lived, your leadership model is peace oriented and i respect you.


Sincerely inspired leaders never knew all about their hidden strengths until they are treated like nationalists, whose focus are to build “one united – national community of highly progressive states” endowed with rights to Excellency in stewardship. I suggest they should implement public policy on Wealth by hard work. Social pleasure by conscience. Education by good character. Commerce by morality. On Research and development by respect for human life and fundamental principles. On Freedom of worship by divine justice and sacrifice. On Human rights by commitment to duty. On politics and election by upright principles.
Most importantly, the examining of such things as Divide and rule bias leadership, Partisans witch-hunt and racial discrimination, Religious bias leadership, Elitist class-practicing us-and them dichotomy.
No leadership assignment is particularly hard if it is divided into little jobs. But before achieving the united states of Nigeria, getting ready with targets is the secret of its success.
Governor’s forum in collaboration with national assembly and the president, serve as a front to set a national agenda for Nigeria.
Guiding principles that will drive the actions of the forum:
1. Lead by strategic pragmatism approach and best public policy performance.
2. Seek excellence with humanity on service to the people
3. Set the highest ethical standard.
4. Pursue effective dialogue and engagement.
5. Play the role of harmonizer and bridge – builder.
6. Make transparency and accountability the cornerstone of their tenure.
7. Being animated by both passion and compassion in achieving their goals.
8. Being sensitive to the concerns of all member states big and small. To triumph the forum needs applicable and publishable results as a vanguard of democracy. Today Nigerians bequeath our democratic future into your able hands.